Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holidays

We’re beginning to wind down the year here in the U.S. as we reach the week of Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you here in the U.S. and we’ll resume posting next week.

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Marine Fuel Consumption Measurement

While I’m traveling through Asia this week, I’ll keep this post short by highlighting a new animated YouTube video (3:09) on Marine Fuel Consumption Measurement using Micro Motion mass flow and density measurement technology.

The Micro Motion Fuel Consumption Solution provides the data you need and is 5 to 15 times more accurate than other technologies out there.

You can connect and interact with other flow measurement experts in the Flow group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium Presentations

Last week, the 2015 ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium took place in Houston, Texas. Leading experts from across our world of process instrumentation and control shared their wisdom to help advance the cause of safer, more efficient and more reliable operations.

Emerson's Mark Nixon

Emerson's Willy Wojsznis

Emerson's Terry Blevins

Emerson's Ted Schnaare

The program included a number of Emerson presenters. Mark Nixon presented Big Data Improves Plant Safety. Willy Wojsznis presented Wireless MPC Application for DWC Control. Terry Blevins presented Industrial Advances in Wireless Control. Emerson’s Ted Schnaare teamed with BakerRisk’s Murtaza Gandhi to present Development of Wireless in Safety.

Mark’s presentation provided insights and differences in big data versus industrial big data. He shares the current progress in industrial big data including process diagnostics, batch analytics and continuous analytics. He shared the vision for industrial big data with respect to architecture and functionality and methods of implementation. Continue Reading

“The 33” Movie Reminds Us of the Importance of Safety in Mining Operations

Emerson's Juan Carlos Bravo

Author: Juan Carlos Bravo

This weekend, the movie named “The 33” opened in theaters. It depicts the story of the 33 miners trapped for 69 days in a gold mine in Copiapo, in Chile.

I think this movie provides a glimpse of how the mining operations are a serious but sometimes dangerous business.

For manufacturers and producers across all the process industries, we know that safety can never be taken lightly or under-invested in, since lives are at risk.

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Renewables Growing Faster than Expected

Emerson's Juan Carlos Bravo

Author: Juan Carlos Bravo

As we have been reporting in this blog, the energy scenario is changing. In fact, it might be changing faster than anyone expected due the low oil prices. As reported by the World Energy Outlook 2015, “renewables contributed almost half of the world’s new power generation capacity in 2014 and have already become the second-largest source of electricity (after coal).”

Non-OECD countries account for seven out of every eight additional units of electricity demand. With 60 cents of every U.S. dollar invested in new power plants to 2040 spent on renewable energy technologies, global renewables-based electricity generation increases by some 8300 TWh (more than half of the increase in total generation). By 2040, renewables-based generation is expected to reach a share of 50% in the European Union, around 30% in China and Japan, and above 25% in the United States and India. Continue Reading