Measuring Flow on Fluid Streams

According to an ISA presentation given by Process Automation Hall of Fame member, Greg McMillan, the most common measurement device is the differential pressure (DP) transmitter. It is most commonly used in level and flow measurement. Measuring the differential pressure across an orifice plate is the common way to measure flow. Wikipedia provides a quick primer on orifice plates if you’re new to process automation.

Emerson’s Brian Fretschel shared with me some new, short educational videos the team managing the Rosemount brand of measurement products has put together. Today we’ll feature one of them on DP flow measurement, How Conditioning Orifice Plates Work (run time 1m 57s). Continue Reading

Business Critical Measurement Instrumentation-Second Layer of Automation

Measurement instrumentation has traditionally been used by process manufacturers to control their processes safely and reliably. This instrumentation may not be enough to operate the process as efficiently as possible.

Jonas Berge Director, Applied Technology

Jonas Berge
Director, Applied Technology

In a recent comment to one of my earlier posts, Finding Areas for Energy Efficiency Improvements, Emerson’s Jonas Berge wrote:

When it comes to new plants, these should not be built the old fashioned way where only process critical control and safety is automated, but rather built to support business critical needs from the very beginning, including wireless sensor networks and an asset management system with its specialised applications. This way, the plant is prepared to quickly and easily add more sensors when needed in the future as industry demands inevitably change. Learn more from this new article:

Second Layer of Automation

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Integrated Operations Command Center Graphics Requirements

Jeff Dymond iOps Consultant

Jeff Dymond
iOps Consultant

Brian Atkinson Lifecycle Care Program Manager

Brian Atkinson
Lifecycle Care Program Manager

Having all the expertise required to optimally operate the plant, mill, platform, or other process manufacturing facility on site is difficult and growing more so by the day as operations are getting more complex. Technology has continued to advance where specialized expertise can be applied to plants around the world from a single location, or set of locations.

Plant Engineering magazine: The New Control Room-Mar-2014In a Plant Engineering article, Take command of your operations center, Emerson’s Jeff Dymond and Brian Atkinson describe how Integrated Operations (iOps) Command Centers can provide multiple types of graphics for cross functional teams to use for optimal operations.

They open: Continue Reading

Miners and the Need to be Mindful of Cyber-Security

Emerson's Juan Carlos Bravo

Juan Carlos Bravo
Mining & Power Industry Manager

Author: Juan Carlos Bravo

This week, we heard in the news how the “Heart bleed” virus exposed sensitive information from millions of users and multinational companies across many industries. So this poses the question—how many miners are exposed to cyber-attacks. Very many indeed.

As reported in Mining Magazine’s January 29th article, Safe and Sound, Ernst & Young indicates that 41% of mining companies experienced an increase in external threats over the past 12 months.

What makes things even worse is that almost half of mining companies surveyed admitted that they do not have a proper security framework in place to mitigate and effectively manage these risks. Continue Reading

Connecting Remote Reliability Experts with Plant Maintenance Technicians

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks circling the globe—first last week in Stuttgart, Germany for the Emerson Exchange conference and then this week at our office in Manila, the Philippines. I’m back now in Austin blogging and catching up.

Drew Mackley

Drew Mackley

Johan Van Puyenbroeck

Johan Van Puyenbroeck

Let’s close the week with a short 2:27 YouTube video from Emerson’s Drew Mackley and Johan Van Puyenbroeck on remote access and operation to the CSI 2140 portable machinery health analyzer.

In the video, Drew wirelessly connects the CSI 2140 to internal Emerson network. From his office in Belgium, Johan is able to access the CSI 2140 to initiate data collection from the equipment with which the CIS 2140 is connected. Using collaboration software (LiveMeeting in this case, but it could be WebEx, AdobeConnect, or other remote meeting software), Johan is able to show Drew what he is looking at. Continue Reading