Improving Refinery Corrosion Monitoring

With the diversification of crude oil types brought about by U.S. shale production, refineries have increased risk for vessel and piping corrosion. Many of the aging refineries also are operating past the design life of some of their plant assets.

Emerson's Jake Davies

In a Chemical Processing article, Refineries: Rethink Corrosion Monitoring, Emerson’s Jake Davies describes some of these challenges and ways that wireless corrosion monitoring can help to address them.

Chemical Processing- Refineries: Rethink Corrosion MonitoringCorrosion can:

…lead to deterioration of pipe and vessel walls. Loss of equipment integrity can result in unplanned downtime and costly repairs or, in the worst case, a catastrophic event posing major risk to personnel, the environment and stakeholder value.

Shale oils, crude oils shipped by rail and oil sands crude all may contain various added chemicals from their respective production processes. For example, rail car transported crude may contain:

…H2S passivator chemicals that can introduce other corrosion-related problems. These amine-based compounds can deposit as salts in the top section of crude towers, top pump-around and draw trays — with the resulting possibility of more corrosion.

Jake notes that many of these non-traditional crude oil sources also have a higher total acid number (TAN) which also drives increased corrosion. Two methods for addressing these corrosive effects include: Continue Reading

Organizational Readiness for Top Quartile Reliability Performance

As the technology and work practices have progressed, so has reliability practices from reactive to preventive to predictive maintenance (PdM).

Emerson's Will Goetz

In a Plant Engineering article, The path to prescriptive maintenance, Emerson’s Will Goetz describes prescriptive maintenance:

…where analytics can show that a piece of equipment is headed for trouble and can prescribe prioritized, pre-determined, expert-driven mitigation or repair.

Plant Engineering: The path to prescriptive maintenanceWhile the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies enable the data collection and analytical analysis to occur, these alone are not sufficient to increase overall reliability. It is all just more information…:

…until the organization is prepared to act on alert information in a timely manner, little benefit will be realized.

Will stresses that moving to PdM and laying the groundwork for prescriptive maintenance requires three upfront actions: Continue Reading

5 Questions for Modernization Solutions and Consulting Group Director Aaron Crews

Emerson’s Aaron Crews joins our continuing podcast series on 5 Questions for an Emerson Expert. Aaron leads the Modernization Solutions and Consulting team. The team creates wiring and control solutions, develops engineering tools, and provides subject matter expertise to minimize cost and risk in control system and safety instrumented system modernization projects.

Leave a comment below, send me an email or LinkedIn message if there is an Emerson expert you’d like me to interview as well as the questions you’d like me to ask them… thanks!

Emerson's Aaron Crews


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Optimizing Safety Instrumented System Proof Testing

If you are new to the world of process safety, you quickly learn that it has its own jargon with phrases such as safety instrumented functions, proof test intervals, PDFavg, etc.

Emerson's Afton Coleman

Emerson's Erik Mathiason

Emerson's Tonya Wyatt

A Flow Control magazine article, Ensuring safety compliance with optimized proof testing, written by Emerson’s Afton Coleman, Erik Mathiason and Tonya Wyatt does a great job of introducing and explaining these concepts.

They open describing the importance of testing the components within a safety system: Continue Reading

Shot Putting and Ruggedness Testing

Let’s end the week with a short video showing the durability of a smart field device communicator. In this 1:47 YouTube video, AMS Trex Durability Tests, the AMS Trex device communicator is given some abuse to demonstrate its ruggedness.

Emerson's Nick Meyer

Emerson's Stephen Mozia

Emerson’s Nicholas Meyer and Stephen Mozia team up to see if the AMS Trex unit can handle being tossed down a set of stairs and still perform (spoiler alert—it does).

Stephen represented Nigeria as a shot putter in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He shows off his athletic abilities giving the AMS Trex device a mighty heave—shot put style—across a grassy area.

The device keeps right on going and even performed after being doused with water to clean out all the grass remnants. Continue Reading