Listing of Last Week’s Live Blog Posts at Emerson Exchange

Sorry for the light posting last week her on the blog during our Emerson Exchange conference in Minneapolis. I managed to pick up some sort of nasty bug from which I’m just starting to recover.

Anyway, since I’m not feeling completely back, let me just link to the posts I did last week in the Emerson Exchange 365 community. The posts were real-time blogs, so apologies in advance for any grammar/spelling/other issues. If you spot something I can fix, let me know!

Valve Health Diagnostics and Tips

Emerging Cybersecurity Standards for Industrial Control Systems

Selecting Sensors in Safety Applications

Cybersecurity Technologies in the DeltaV System

Creating a Smart Gas Lift Control Valve

Selecting the Correct Overfill Protection Technology

Quantitative Benefit Estimation Methodology for Measurement Devices

Digital Transformation in Steps

Pressure Relief Valves Fugitive Emissions Testing

Enhanced Electronic Remote Sensor DP Level Measurement

How to Solve Level Control Loop Problems

Is There Such a Thing as a SIL-Rated Valve?

How Multiphase Metering Improves Well Pad Efficiencies and Capital Spend

Hopefully, there are one or a few of these that might be of interest to you.

Let me close by thanking those of you who work in the pharmaceutical industry. I’m feeling better thanks to the wonderful medicines you make!

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Days One and Two from Emerson Exchange

Monday was a busy day with keynote speeches, a press conference for members of the media who cover the industries and automation technologies and applications that Emerson serves, and full evening at the Exhibit Hall.

Our team was busy interviewing the Emerson Experts which you can find throughout the Emerson Exchange 365 community. Go to the main page under RECENT DISCUSSIONS to see all the postings over the past few days.

You can also see these in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Emerson's CarstenThøgersenTuesday began the workshop sessions and I liveblogged as many as I could to give you a flavor. Please pardon the grammatical and spelling errors that are likely to be in them. My goal is to give you a sampling of some of the things the experts are sharing:

Also check out the great daily coverage from the team.

Whew… that’s all I can think of at the moment. Except the Music Jam tonight with all the awesome engineers by day and talented musicians by night. I imagine that Twitter and Instagram will be hopping with the #EmrEx hashtag… make sure to peek in!

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Ready for Emerson Exchange?

Next week is the Emerson Exchange conference in Minneapolis. If you’re going, I look forward to connecting with you! If you haven’t decided yet, visit the registration page and join us.

I wanted to pass along a few tips on how to follow the action, whether you’ll be joining us or not. The conference begins on Monday October 2 at 8am with the keynote speakers. If you’re not with us, you can catch the livestream.

The agenda is packed with product roadmaps, industry forums, technology exhibits, workshops, short courses, technology roundtables, a Woman in Innovation luncheon, educational services courses and more.

There’s even a Music Jam to show off your musical prowess. There is so much to see, you’ll want to plan your schedule with the myExchange tool or mobile app.

Emerson Exchange 365 logoThere are several ways to follow the news and happenings. The best place is in the Emerson Exchange 365 (EE365) community. I’ll be live blogging across the many groups to bring you quick recaps from the product and application experts around Emerson. We’ll also be posting videos and news stories throughout the week. If you are a community member and joined to a particular group where the post appears, you can share your thoughts and questions for these experts.

If you’re not an EE365 member, register here and join the groups in your areas of interest. Spend a moment to complete your profile, which you can import from LinkedIn. Your peers will appreciate it, as much as you would in knowing more about who you are interacting with. Continue Reading

Improving Bulk Liquids Storage Terminal Inventory Management

If you missed today’s final webinar, Improving Inventory Management, in the Bulk Liquids Storage Terminals webinar series, you can still catch the recorded version as well as the rest of the series.

Emerson's Lance Berry

In today’s webinar, Emerson’s Lance Berry discussed inventory management challenges for terminal operations. He provided a tank gauging system overview and explained how uncertainty can be reduced through improved accuracy. He described how to take control of managing the terminal’s tank inventory and successfully manage the prevention of tank overfill conditions. He closed his presentation showing how to future proof these investments in improving operational performance.

Some of the challenges terminal operators face are difficulties in balancing the tank farm on a daily and monthly interval due to high uncertainty across the system. This is often due to poor reliability and accuracy of the installed tank gauging system.

Additionally, many sites have outdated and complicated operator interfaces. Market demands require faster access to information, but many sites struggle with getting real-time data to their customers regarding their inventory. Also, regulations are changing at a much greater pace today, which makes staying current a challenge. Continue Reading

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding for Packaging Applications

Emerson's Mike Mediana

Today on the final day of PACK EXPO 2017, Emerson’s Mike Mediana presented on the topic, Migrating from Traditional Package Sealing Technologies to Ultrasonics in Flexible Packaging Applications.

Mike’s presentation focused on how consumer preference is driving the increasing demands for flexible packaging in the medical, consumer product, and food and beverage industries. He shared how ultrasonic sealing technology helps machine builders and end users transition away from rigid to flexible packaging.

From a consumer standpoint, demand has built for packaging which supports convenience for on-the-go lifestyles, single-serve, flexible packages to reduce unused portions, and an increasing health consciousness and desire for fresh, all natural products.

For packagers, these demands translate into increased complexity. A PMMI 2015 Flexible Packaging Market assessment report highlighted some specific challenges in requirements for thinner gauge materials for pouches, new & complex shapes and designs, more frequent changeovers, and increased scrappage and waste. These challenges create operational issues including higher risk of quality issues on line or on shelf, leaking product resulting in downtime, and a greater need for operator skills. Continue Reading