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Improving Power Plant Staff Effectiveness

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Author: Douglas Morris With the large number of power workers having already retired, there is a definite shortage of expertise within the industry. Not only are workers new, but companies are having difficulty hiring enough skilled employees. Although most new hires are diligent and eager to learn, they lack the experience necessary to make critical […]

Improving Flexible Power Plant Operations

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Author: Douglas Morris Increasingly, plants are having to adapt to more flexible operations as gas prices remain low and renewables are added to the generation mix. Gas units are shut down, started up in the morning, follow load during the day, and then are shut down or idled again. Coal plants are also asked to […]

Increasing Power Plant Reliability via Smart Monitoring and Diagnostic Centers

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Author: Douglas Morris Today’s fossil power plants are faced with the challenge of stabilizing the fluctuating grid power supply due to renewable generation and, as a result, plants originally designed for base load are subject to load cycling. A principal consequence that cycling imposes is increased amounts of thermal stress (creep fatigue) on boilers and […]

Renewable Energy and Unintended Consequences

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Author: Douglas Morris “Because the wind blows during stormy conditions when the sun does not shine and the sun often shines on calm days with little wind, combining wind and solar can go a long way toward meeting demand, especially when geothermal provides a steady base and hydroelectric can be called on to fill in […]

Risks and Rewards of Different Technologies in Power

Posted in Power on Friday, July 8th, 2016. One comment so far
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Author: Douglas Morris “The fascination of a growing science lies in the work of the pioneers at the very borderland of the unknown, but to reach this frontier one must pass over well traveled roads; of these one of the safest and surest is the broad highway of thermodynamics.”— Gilbert Lewis (1923) With growing global […]