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Avoiding Missed Gas Volume Flow Measurements in Plunger Lift Wells

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Measuring flow rates on producing gas wells can be difficult on plunger lift applications. The mechanical plungers are used to remove water slugs which build up and reduce production rates. When the plunger pulls up the well bore, the differential pressure (DP) flow measurement can spike beyond the range of the DP transmitter. This spike […]

Modular Multiphase Oil and Gas Well Flow Metering

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With many oil and gas producers facing tighter margins due to prices, any capital and operational expenditures must be closely scrutinized. To maximize the life and production rates of the well and improve reservoir decision-making, it is important to characterize and understand reservoirs and access accurate production information. Multiphase flow meters, measure oil, gas and […]

Flow Measurement Pressure-Temperature Compensation

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Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing provides valuable information beyond what is possible to find in owners’ manuals and other technical documentation from suppliers. You can find it every day in your Google searches about personal technologies that you use and technologies you use on your job. One of the great places for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing for DeltaV […]

Managing Alarms on Micro Motion 1700 and 2700 Transmitters

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For most people trying to learn how to do something new, showing tops reading. This is why short videos in YouTube and other video services continue to grow in popularity compared with long, step-by-step written procedures. Here on the blog, I have a growing list of posts with “how to” videos (to subscribe via RSS). […]

Tips to Overcome Challenges in Product and Custody Transfers

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Author: Sachin Tere Product and custody transfer applications are spread across the oil and gas industry, from the fields to the refineries, to transport vessels to storage tanks and terminals. Here are some problems that hinder you from achieving efficiency in fluid production and movement, and corresponding tips on how to overcome them. Challenge 1: […]