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Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement in Vessel Bypass Chambers

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Accurately measuring levels in vessels is important in many aspects—safety, efficiency, reliability and availability to name a few. Mechanical level measurement devices historically have been failure prone and have required regular maintenance. Guided wave radar (GWR) technology avoids the problems with associated with mechanical devices, but is affected by obstructions in the vessel such as […]

Improving Heat Rate with Better Measurements

Posted in Level, Power on Friday, May 13th, 2016. One comment so far
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For electrical power producers, the phrase “heat rate” refers to the efficiency of the power plant. It is defined as the thermal energy in divided by the electrical energy out. Emerson’s Lydia Miller let me know about a new whitepaper, Using Automation to Improve Plant Heat Rate that highlights ways to improve the efficiency of […]

Finding the Best Level Measurement for the Application

Posted in Emerson Exchange, Level on Friday, May 6th, 2016. One comment so far
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Many ways exist to measure level in industrial processes. At the recent Emerson Exchange conference in Brussels, Emerson’s Ingemar Serneby teamed up with an instrument specialist with a food manufacturer to share a presentation, Finding the best level measurement solution can be easy…if you know where to look and what to look for. This manufacturer […]

Increase Safety and Efficiency with New Proof Test Method

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Emerson’s Hampus Regnér and Christoffer Widahl presented Increase Safety and Efficiency With New Proof Test Method at the Denver Emerson Exchange conference. Here is their presentation abstract: A functional proof test of a high level alarm (HLA) is required as a key objective of operational safety. Testing and qualification of the HLA device is a […]

Optimizing Oil and Gas Liquids Trucking Operations

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One of the byproducts of the shale oil & gas revolution in the United States has been the need for trucking of crude oil where pipelines do not yet exist. In an August E&P magazine article, Automation optimizes trucking operations, Emerson’s Joey Raskie and Al Majek teamed with local business partner Ricky Strong of Vinson […]