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Best Practices Specifying MES Workflows for Life Sciences Projects

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Author: Jonathan Lustri Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Life Sciences projects can be costly and be a challenge to keep in control. The biggest contributor to these challenges are the defining and design of manufacturing workflows. A Workflow is an MES procedural object used to replace the paper batch record. And for greenfield projects in particular, […]

Non-Intrusive Wireless Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

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A Joint Research Centre (JRC) Scientific and Policy Report, Corrosion‐Related Accidents in Petroleum Refineries, found [emphasis and hyperlink mine]: Notably, of the 137 major refinery accidents reported by EU countries to the EU’s eMARS [Major Accident Reporting System] database since 1984, around 20% indicated corrosion failure as an important contributing factor. Many other industries including […]

Reducing Equipment Downtime and Improving Energy Efficiency via Wireless Power Monitoring

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Equipment failure is a large part of unplanned downtime, slowdowns and/or loss in quality of the product being produced. Monitoring temperatures, vibration, differential pressures across filters are often performed to identify problems before failure occurs. Another important set of measurements that can provide early warning are the voltage, current and other electrical parameters on the […]

Culturally Shifting to Top Quartile Reliability Performance

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Whether driving down the road in your car or operating your manufacturing facility, the safest times are when operating at steady-state conditions. It’s the times in transient states, such as startups, shutdowns, turning at intersections, etc. where the probability of incidents increases. In an Uptime magazine article, The Cultural Shift That Can Save Lives, Emerson’s […]

Maximizing Plant Asset Performance

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In the face of scarce capital for manufacturers and producers across many industries, optimizing the performance of existing assets often increases in priority. In an ARC Advisory Group whitepaper, Driving Maximum Asset Capability (summary), author Dick Hill notes: In today’s highly competitive global manufacturing environment, it is essential that all opportunities to invest capital be […]